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Technology unassailable influence on learners

19 Sep 2023

Todays learners are faced with many distractions to focusing on their education,.

 This was said by the founder and chief executive officer of Dawn Bell Academy Miss Ndiko Muzila. She was speaking on Friday at Lobatse Senior Secondary School prize giving day Ms Muzila said Forex Exchange Trading had become increasingly accessible to individuals and it had not escaped learners who are now pre-occupied with making fast cash instead of concetrating on educational goals.

She said learners were easily influenced by false information, saying  social media often give them instant gratification.

Therefore, she said influencers and online personalities  showcase a curated image of success, emphasising material possessions and external markers of achievement, which might  create a distorted perception of what true motivation and success entailed.

She said leaners who fixated on superficial makers of success might be distracted and losefocus of their own passions, values and long-term goals.

She added that  it was important for learners to develop self-awareness, critical thinking skills and ability to prioritise education and personal growth.

Further, she said drugs, substance abuse could significantly affect a learner’s academic performance as they impair cognitive function, memory and overall mental well-being. 

She encouraged learners to set clear goals, develop effective study skills, embrace technology for greater purpose and cultivate critical thinking skills, adding that leaners should know that they were products of their thoughts.

Professor Billy Tsima from University of Botswana and acting school head of Medicine also a former student at Lobatse Senior Seconday, encouraged learners to study hard, prioritise education and make connections with like-minded individuals.

He implored them to stay away from distractions such as alcohol and drug abuse.

Proffessor  Tsima said it was not always easy to pay or rebuild  for lost time and opportunities .

In his welcome remarks Lobatse Secondary,  school head Mr Patrick Phiri said the school conducted the first ever class by class results analysis, where management and subject teachers per class sat together to scrutinise results of students in their respective classes as well as discussing ways to strengthen the leaners ‘capacity to perform better.

He said they saw it prudent to analyse results of tests and exams of current learners as opposed analysing the final exams, adding that individual learners were also taken through analysis so that they also account for their results. 


Source : BOPA

Author : Grace Sebape

Location : Grace Sebape

Event : Prize giving

Date : 19 Sep 2023