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31 Jan 2023

Botswana, Zimbabwe seal AfCFTA agreement

December 16, 2022 was yet another watershed moment for the Botswana Railways...
31 Jan 2023

Botswana hosts Intelligence and Security Conference

As Botswana, through the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) is hosting...
28 Dec 2022

SADC businesswomen’s grand push for regional integration

She used to be a regular business traveller to Zambian markets to...
04 Nov 2022

Nkwakwana combi driver turned Counsellor

A child who is not embraced by the village will burn it...
24 Oct 2022

Patayamatebele ideal for spiritual tourism

Spiritual tourism is one of the many untapped growth paths locally. Save...
17 Oct 2022

Trans Kalahari truck drivers hail Botswana

Every minute trucks ferrying tons of freight pull over and take off...
30 Aug 2022

Mabisi heeds call, hits ground running

Simon Mabisi is a man with a zest for farming, particularly small...
28 Aug 2022

Chedza solar backpack attains international credit

Without electricity, children miss out on opportunities to access the quality of...
03 Aug 2022

Bus loading make ends meet

Every learner aims for academic excellence to enable them to get a...
26 Jul 2022

A chit chat with Stellenbosch cross country tourists

A group of 14 tourists from South Africa’s oldest town of Stellenbosch,...
12 Jul 2022

Crack It bridges educational gap

  The recent learning landscapes such as sky rocketing school fees and...
21 Jun 2022

Muzila: Brains behind Dawn Bell Academy

As one grows up, they picture themselves being this and that, but...
16 Jun 2022

Boro 2 mokoro station back to life

 The pristine Boro 2 Mokoro station has been restored to its former...
23 May 2022

The nurse that won hearts of many

People often forget what you said or did, but not how you...
16 May 2022

Over 60 benefit from skills development programme

Humana People to People, a social development organisation continues to make headway...
12 Apr 2022

Centre breathe life into the elderly

A chat with a couple of pensioners queuing for their old age...
05 Apr 2022

Mabu reaches out to Karowe Mine

Renowned as one of the world’s most prolific producers of large, high-value...
23 Mar 2022

Seleke-Motsu: Epitome of hard work, passion

 It took a lot of scheduling, postponing and rescheduling to finally secure...
10 Mar 2022

Elijah breaks gender stereotype

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day: Break the barriers and Ms...
10 Mar 2022

Thabologo aims to produce Maths stars

The pursuit of the intrinsic beauty of maths from simple to complex...

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