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Meteorological services predicts below normal rainfall

03 Sep 2023

 Largely below normal rainfall is expected over the eastern part of the country between October and December.

A press release from the Department of Meteorological Services says the north and western parts of the country are anticipated to receive normal to below normal rainfall.

However, the release says from January to March next year, the bulk of Botswana is expected to receive normal to below normal rainfall except over the extreme eastern areas where below normal rainfall is predicted.

It also states that above normal temperatures are expected countrywide for the whole forecast period.

“Normal rainfall ranges from 50mm over Kgalagadi to 200mm over Chobe, 120mm over Southern District to 180mm over north east and normal temperatures range between 31 degrees Celsius in the east and 33 degrees Celsius to the West,” reads the release.

It further says the state of the oceans depicts El Nino conditions are present and are expected to persist through the Southern Hemisphere summer with a greater than a 95 per cent chance through December this year to February next year.

The release says El Nino typically produces drier seasons over Botswana but the influence of each event varies, particularly in conjunction with other climate influences.

“Enhanced probabilities of below normal precipitation are forecasted for Botswana, the eastern parts will be dry and there is an increased risk of drought over some areas while overall a relatively hot and dry season is anticipated,” reads the release. ends

Source : BOPA

Author : BOPA

Location : GABORONE

Event : Press release

Date : 03 Sep 2023