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Council introduces smart switch cards

25 May 2023

Tsabong District Council has introduced the use of smart switch cards for orphans and vulnerable children to purchase toiletries.

This was revealed by the council chairperson, Mr Hendrick Jacobs during a full council session on May 23.

Mr Jacob said this was an innovative way of issuing toiletries, and lauded the council’s social welfare division for the innovation.

“You will recall that in the past toiletries were supplied by local suppliers. 

However, the council saw it fit to introduce smart switch cards to improve dignity and buying power of the beneficiaries, especially those in boarding schools,” he said.

He said each beneficiary was credited P400 per term to purchase toiletries at their convenience, adding that the council continued to support orphaned and vulnerable children through other existing social safety nets.

Mr Jacobs said during this school term, a total of 122 orphans were supplied with school uniform and transported to and from their respective villages to schools.

“It is a welcome development which we must all embrace as beneficiaries will have choice of toiletry suppliers and convenience, which means that they do not have to  buy everything at once,” said Makopong/Draaihoek’s Councillor Moses Chimbombi in an interview.

Mr Chimbombi said users could now buy toiletries they deemed necessary, when needed, rather than wait for the disbursement system cycles.

Omaweneno/Kisa/Maralaleng’s Cllr Ronald Baitsewe said the development had come at an opportune time and would empower the beneficiaries to also learn budgeting skills.

“It prepares them for the future to be able to budget. 

It will also reduce toiletry delivery delays, which were sometimes experienced. 

Mr Baitsewe said the dispensation would also enable beneficiaries to buy exactly what they needed, whenever it was needed.

Gakhibane councillor, Mr Tirelo Pule was however opposed to the new development, saying he felt, it left small medium and micro enterprises on the lurch. 

“I am against this because it is not supporting local economic empowerment. 

We must create employment opportunities for these small businesses. 

Those tenders helped some families,” he said.

Tsabong South councillor, Mr John Lentshikang gave the development a nod, saying the use of smart switch cards would solve many challenges that inhibited beneficiaries from being assisted timely. 

He said challenges of resource constraints in distributing toiletries and lengthy tendering procedures which were inherent in the previous dispensation, would cease. 

He added, even the beneficiaries would be empowered. 

Le ene ngwana o ka ithuta financial intelligence a berekisa tlhaloganyo gore madi a dirisiwa jang go na le go neelwa hela ke mmaboipelego”.

Tsabong North councillor, Mr Edward Coetzee also welcomed the development, saying it would now be not only convenient for the beneficiaries, but also groom them for a better future. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Calviniah Kgautlhe

Location : TSABONG

Event : Council Meeting

Date : 25 May 2023