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Tonota police record decrease in crime rate

24 May 2023

Tonota Police stations have recorded a decrease in all corporate offences except for sexual offences during the fourth quarter of last year compared to third quarter.

This was revealed by Tonota District Council chairperson, Mr Baemedi Medupi when addressing a full Council meeting on Monday.

Mr Medupi told the council that Gender Based Violence (GBV) cases however continued to rise at an alarming rate, especially on minors being subjected to sexual abuse.

“There are 12 GBV related cases that are pending before court at various stages. While efforts are being made to address these issues and ensure that perpetrators are taken to court within a reasonable time, it is the justice system due diligence process in disposing cases that takes along time,” he added.

He also told councillors that the influx of illegal immigrants had also been rampant in the region and was fueled by Batswana, who employed illegal immigrants to be herd boys and maids.

He added that crime analysis further revealed that illegal immigrants were substantially involved in GBV related cases.

“Let us continue to assist our law enforcement officers to intensify public campaigns and cleaning up campaigns,” he said.

Again, he indicated that seven learners were impregnated and had dropped out of school, adding the leadership of the district had also joined the stern nationwide stance with the police in curbing the recent spate of robbery heists by escorting cash on transit vehicles and guarding ATMs day and night.

“We are proud to report that we have not recorded any incidences of heists or attempts in our policing area,” he added.

On other issues, he briefed councillors on the commencement of the demarcation exercise intended to divide constituencies into polling districts.

He explained that the district had two teams for the Tonota constituency and the Shashe West constituency.

“We kindly urged councillors to assist in mobilising the community to participate in the exercise, as well as adequately assist the committee on its mandate,” he said.

On the financial year 2022/2023, Mr Medupi announced that the district had managed to produce summaries of accounts for the financial year ending March 31 this year.

“For the year under review the council had a budget of P79 091 040 being own source of P2 528 760 and Revenue Support Grant (RSG) of P 76 562 280,” he said.

He explained that the council managed to collect 91 per cent of its own source of income, adding that at the beginning of the year it had an RSG of P73 106 700 and at the same time receiving a supplementary funds of P 3 455 580 resulting in a total of P76 562 280.

He indicated that the budget for the council for the financial year 2023/2024 stood at P94 510, 880. “Our own source of income budget estimates at P 3 099 150,” he added.

On one hand, Mr Medupi informed councillors that over P600 million would be used to upgrade to bitumen standard the Semotswane, Shashemooke, Borolong and Mathangwane roads. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Thamani Shabani

Location : TONOTA

Event : Council Meeting

Date : 24 May 2023