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Donga JSS raises funds for learning materials

27 May 2024

Promoting education is important for investing in the future, Assistant Minister of Youth, Gender, Sports and Culture also Member of Parliament for Francistown East Mr Buti Billy has said.

He was speaking Saturday during Donga Junior Secondary School sponsored walk, which was aimed at raising funds for procurement of revision material and worksheets for learners as well as to raise funds for the school prize giving ceremony.

“Investing in our children is us securing our future, as these children are tomorrow’s leaders,” he said.

He further said education was an investment aimed towards uplifting the country’s economy, hence it was important to take it seriously.

Further, Mr Billy appreciated cooperation between the community, Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and teachers in ensuring that learners excel in their studies.

He cautioned pupils against  indulging in drug and substance abuse, because drugs did not only deteriorate health but also affected the country’s efforts towards  economic growth as funds were now used in rehabilitating people.

Speaking at the same event, Donga school head Mr Kgopolo Mphothe said the activity was the  third sponsored walk, with the first held in 2022.

He explained that the walk was initiated to raise funds to purchase revision material and worksheets for learners, and that they also wanted to raise funds for the school’s prize giving ceremony to award top-achieving pupils and staff members.

Mr Mphothe further said over the years Donga JSS had been among the top achieving schools nationally, but this year the school performance dropped from 59.6 per cent to 49.9 per cent.

Despite such, he said they were not discouraged and had set the target for this year’s examinations at 60 per cent.

Mr Mphothe acknowledged the community leadership as well as the PTA for always lending a helping hand to uplift Donga JSS.

“Our children are promising, and they need our utmost support as teachers and parents”, he said.

For his part, the chief walker, Lordsland Group Medical Practice director, Dr Mothibi Rakanye said the sponsored walk would inspire the pupils to work hard in their studies motivated by the community working hand in hand  with the school to help them.

He further said extra-curricular activities were important, adding that the sponsored walk also promoted exercise and good health thus boosting learners mental capacity.

Dr Rakanye also commended  parents who participated in the walk. Ends



Source : BOPA

Author : Lefika Maruping

Location : Francistown

Event : Sponsored walk

Date : 27 May 2024