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Mayor commends NTT Nissan Botswana

14 Mar 2023

Car dealer, NTT Nissan Botswana, which refurbished Francistown Club facility at a tune of P150 000 has been commended for its commitment to supporting the sporting fraternity in the country. 

Refurbishing the facility will not only benefit the bowling club, but sectors linked to sport such as transport and hospitality.  

Mayor of Francistown, Godisang Radisego hailed NTT Nissan Botswana at the reopening of the refurbished facility in Francistown on Friday, adding that it was pleasing to see the private sector coming forthwith in supporting sport.

NTT Nissan Botswana refurbished the club’s restaurant premises after being closed for a while due COVID-19.

Radisego said now that the restaurant was back on its feet, the expectation was that bowling in Francistown should be seen to be growing.

On other issues, Radisego said value chain development was one of government’s priorities and sports was one of the activities that could be used to drive such priorities.

He said cities were normally recognised as engines of economic growth and that the city of Francistown revitalisation plan distinguished such.

“Therefore, Francistown Club as a sport facility is better placed to facilitate economic growth of the city through sports.”

He said sport contributed to the tourism sector in Francistown, which on its own would diversify the economy of the city and provide employment opportunities for locals.  

He said such would further shape the growth and prosperity of the city into a destination of choice.

Speaking at the event, Director of Business Development and Property Management Services at the Botswana National Sports Commission (BNSC), Makuke

Makuke said one of their mandate was promoting grassroots development.

Makuke said that sports in Botswana could not grow without the financial support of the private sector.

He commended Botswana Bowling Association (BBA) for having managed to sustain itself for the past 60 years of existence, therefore called on them and

Francistown Club to maximise the use of the private sector to develop the country and sustain the livelihoods of the people of Francistown.

Makuke said they hoped for the return of school sports as commercialisation of sport in Botswana was critical.

BBA president, Kitso Robert disclosed that the support from NTT Nissan Francistown showed the company’s commitment to contributing to the growth of the sports industry in the country.

He explained that the outbreak of COVID-19 crippled the financial muscle of many institutions, including the sporting industry.

The Francistown club was founded in 1959 on a land donated by Tati Company in memory of Samuel Lieb Glazer and the club during its hey days had over 350 members and had some sections that included bowls, tennis, badminton, golf, swimming pool, snooker and darts and at some point it had a movie section. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Thamani Shabani


Event : Reopening ceremony

Date : 14 Mar 2023