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BCP ready for general elections

08 Apr 2024

Leader of Botswana Congress Party (BCP) Mr Dumelang Saleshando says his party is ready for this year’s general elections. Speaking during a political rally at Mambas grounds in Tati-Siding on Saturday, Mr Saleshando said the BCP had a robust plan to turn the economy around and make it vibrant to be enjoyed by all Batswana.

Unlike the status quo where he said raw materials from Botswana were exported to create jobs elsewhere, Botswana Congress Party, he said would make sure that industries are set up locally so that Batswana may get employment opportunities.

Given the chance to rule, the BCP-led government, he said would prioritize job creation and make sure every ministry delivers accordingly.  To the prospective parliamentary candidate for Tati-East constituency, he said Mr Tlhabologo Furniture was not only a bonafide party member but was well vested with the political ideology of the party having gone through all the party structures up to the central committee.

He said he had no doubt that Mr Furniture would deliver accordingly if given the opportunity to lead.  Mr Furniture told BCP members that Tati East was lagging behind in terms of infrastructure, especially on roads.

He said the road linking Matsiloje and Matopi and the one connecting Tonota and Patayamatebele needed to be tarred forthwith.

Also, he was of the view that Tati-siding deserved a secondary school, a bus rank and a rural administration centre because it had the largest population among the 21 villages that make up Tati-East constituency.
Mr June June, who is BCP’s Youth League vice president promised the youth that BCP would prioritise them upon attaining power. He said his party would introduce a P300 stipend for every unemployed youth to buy toiletry and thereby cushion them from poverty.

He expressed concern that there still remained a lot of children who could not afford to go to pre-school due to limited spaces at the facilities owned by government. Most of the pre-schools he said were privately owned.

Ms Evelyn Kgodumo called on both the youth and women to vote for BCP if they wanted to see a turn-around in their lives.

Her sentiments were shared by Dr Habudi Hobona who called on the BCP cadre to display total commitment and smart organisational behaviour which she said would help the party win the envisaged general elections.

Party veteran, Mr Vain Mamela told fellow members that BCP was contemplating how it could go about the six out of a total of 54 constituencies where it had already fielded prospective parliamentary candidates.

Mr Mamela, who is also BCP director of elections informed members that the party will on April 18 officially launch Mr Dumelang Saleshando as the presidential candidate of the party in Gaborone for the upcoming general elections.

“You will be informed about the date when we will premiere the party manifesto,” he said,  He said all these were signs demonstrating the seriousness with which BCP took issues of governance. Dr Kesitegile Gobotswang heaped praises on Mr Saleshando and urged members to vote in large numbers. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Mooketsi Mojalemotho

Location : TATI-SIDING

Event : Political rally

Date : 08 Apr 2024