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BDP steadfast on developing country

08 Apr 2024

With a track record that speaks volumes of its ability to continue steering Botswana to greatness, the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) remains the only political party that Batswana can look to for a secure future.

President Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi said this at a political rally in Charleshill on April 7, where he appealed to party members and supporters to give the party a fresh mandate in the coming general elections on the basis of it having remained consistent and true to its endeavour and effort to develop the country.

He described as baseless,  assertions that government was churning out empowerment programmes in the run-up to elections in a ploy to win over voters, saying it would be amiss for the BDP-led administration to relent on efforts it had been making to improve the plight of citizens for fear of being thought to be buying votes.

“We are proud of the good that we continue to do for the benefit of citizens. We endear ourselves to the populace by serving it through the successful delivery of important programmes and services, and there is nothing wrong with that,” he said.

He thus implored Batswana to ignore naysayers and urged them to personally interrogate all programmes that were put forth, with the view to partake in those that fit in with their individual aspirations.

Promising the nation a windfall of several other key initiatives that government would implement leading to the polls, Dr Masisi cited among them a roll-out of high-speed Internet connectivity to production areas especially those in the agriculture sector.

He said the intention was to facilitate beneficiaries of technology-reliant programmes and also encourage the initiatives' uptake by affording them a fair chance of success. 

Further to that, he said over 170 programmes and services would have been made accessible online by October to enhance accessibility.

That, he said would in turn contribute to the increase in the overall numbers of Batswana benefiting from government's citizen empowerment drive.

Addressing Charleshill constituency's potential candidates for council and parliamentary seats for the coming national polls, President Masisi urged them to put the party's interests ahead of their own.

He called on those who would not make the cut to represent the party during the elections to become the embodiment of the spirit of unity and oneness by not reneging on their vows to stand with the BDP under all circumstances.

He also rallied the party cadres to ensure a free and fair primary election exercise, noting that such would mirror the ruling party's unwavering commitment to free and fair elections at national level.

Earlier while addressing the BDP leadership and elders for the Charleshill area, the President said government would soon allow for the development of a cottage industry in the meat sector.

The industry, which allows citizens to manufacture goods at household level, will usher Batswana into the sector by ensuring a lower cost of doing business associated with the meat sector and would consequently lower the cost of meat.

Moshupa/Manyana Member of Parliament and also Minister of Entrepreneurship Mr Karabo Gare said the string of ongoing as well as impending programmes availed by government would not only empower Batswana economically but would serve the greater ideal of diversifying and growing the national economy.

On the Chema Chema programme that was launched in Maun on April 5, Mr Gare said the programme formed the bedrock upon which the informal sector would anchor its activities in order for it to take its rightful place in economic growth.

The party's western region's chairperson Ms Goitse Phorie implored fellow democrats to work hard towards ensuring that the party remained in power beyond the coming general elections.

Ms Phorie assured President Masisi that the region would wrestle the Charleshill (currently Ghanzi South) constituency from opposition. At the same rally, President Masisi welcomed into the BDP scores of new members from opposition ranks. ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Keonee Majoto


Event : Rally

Date : 08 Apr 2024