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Positive mindset towards service delivery key

27 Feb 2024

Kgosi Tawana II has commended Tawana Land Board employees for the commitment to assist customers effectively and efficiently. 

He made the remarks during the land boards performance award ceremony held on Saturday at Cresta Matlapana to recognise and appreciate good performance for the 2023/24 financial year. With the theme: Celebrating the masters of success, the ceremony aimed to celebrate success in the land delivery process from the six sub land boards being Seronga, Shakawe, Gumare, Nokaneng, Sehithwa and Maun, including the main land board. 

“It is pleasing that we are celebrating achievements of having a positive mindset towards service delivery,” he said. 

“A positive mindset that comes not only from your individual effort, but which stems from the positive relationships you developed with work colleagues as well as land board clients that you serve.”

 Kgosi Tawana said rewarding employees for good performance was vital to motivating and retaining talent. 

He said when employees were rewarded for their efforts, they were likely to become more loyal and productive. 

He urged leaders in different establishments to value, recognise and reward good performance of their employees, adding that they would be rewarded with loyal and resilient employees that drove organisational work ethics, values and culture. 

He argued that an employee was an asset to any organisation and that the leadership needed to treat them with the value they brought. 

He also appreciated that the land board had created strong stakeholder engagements, saying it was key factor in land delivery processes. 

Kgosi Tawana noted that the land board was enjoying support from tribal administration, council, the district commissioner and other departments. 

He added that the strategic support should enable them to achieve their mandate of tribal land administration and management. He said their cordial working relationship with stakeholders was recently strengthened when they engaged dikgosi in the district during consultations of the revised fees schedule. 

“The engagements also involved public addresses at the kgotla from which we look forward to a government document representing the aspirations of all,” he said. “I would like to urge both parties to continue with that spirit of working together to serve Batswana.”

To the awardees, Kgosi Tawana applauded them and encouraged them to keep up the positive mindset and spirit so that they could be recognised again. To those who did not make it, he said, they had played their part and made valuable contributions towards the land boards success during the 2023/24 financial year. 

Ms Reamogetswe Yakenge, the chairperson of the board, thanked Kgosi Tawana and other local authorities for honouring the event, saying it would boost the overall productivity and output of the land board. 

“Your presence will indeed motivate us and the employees to improve more on service delivery so that we enhance customer satisfaction and delight the customers at the end,” she said. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Esther Mmolai

Location : MAUN

Event : Awards ceremony

Date : 27 Feb 2024