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Councillors demand clarity on stolen materials

08 Feb 2024

Councillors of the Tutume District Council have demanded that the District Commissioner should furnish them with information about an incident in which voter registration books were stolen at Sebina on January 18.

They said since the incident occurred, they have not received a formal communication from the DC’s  office or to be addressed on the matter.

Speaking at a special council meeting on Wednesday, Councillor Tabona Masole said they only got hearsay information that six registration books together with cards were stolen. He said they learnt that 52 affected electorates were asked to come to the kgotla to have their information but only 30 people to turned up.

This, Mr Masole said, was a setback in the national electoral processes as some of the affected individuals would not turn up again while it was likely for some to miss out on the information for re-registration.

Cllr Masole said it was imperative for the authorities, including the DC office and Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), to come forth and address the affected stakeholders on the matter rather than to leave them in obscurity and without any information.

He said there was no communication until the end of registration on February 3. He added that it was important for them to be given serial numbers of those stolen cards so that they would be in a better position during voters roll inspection, to clearly cross if such serial did not appear on the roll.

Sharing the same sentiments with Mr Masole, Cllr Samora Gabaake of Sebina said they wanted answers on the matter which was of national interest particularly at this time that they were preparing for the upcoming general elections.

He said such issues caused havoc should they be left without a conclusion.

“Let us clear the air on suspicions plans of rigging by having this issues fully addressed,” he said.Cllr Gabaake said they were challenged because their electorates demanded answers from them and should the matter not be resolved before the elections; people were likely to protest.

He appealed to the DC to act up and have the matter addressed

The Council Chairman, Mr Million Masumbika, advised that this issues was being handled by the police and would not be appropriate for the DC to share any information on it for it might jeopardise the police investigations.

However Cllr Masumbika said he would liaise with the DC to have her address them on the issue.He added while it was unfortunate to have such a thing happening in their area, it was appropriate to allow the police to do their work. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Goitsemodimo Williams-Madzonga

Location : TUTUME

Event : Council Meeting

Date : 08 Feb 2024