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MP urges farmers to establish work agreements

05 Feb 2024

Farmers have been advised to draw a work agreement with their employees following adjustment of minimum wage rates of P1 500 for the domestic and agricultural sectors.

Member of Parliament for Boteti East Mr Sethomo Lelatisitswe told residents of Nkosho ward in Letlhakane recently that it was important to agree on working hours, job description and supervision of herd-boys.

He also advised the residents to consider other means of engaging domestic workers on intervals to reduce the steepness of the monthly wage.

Earlier on, farmers had expressed concern that the recently reviewed wages were too steep for them.

One of the residents Mr Johnson Kelaotswe said they were incapacitated to pay the new P1 500 wage either to their farm or domestic workers since they were pensioners.

Mr Kelaotswe also complained of the rampant stock theft at 4B zone, indicating that the dilapidated cordon fence exacerbated stocktheft rate in Boteti.

Another resident Mr Ntatiwa Pusoetsile said most farm workers failed to deliver on the job expectation despite being paid favourable wages.

He complained that herdboys had tendencies of absconding from work and extending leave days.

In an interview with BOPA, Principal Labour Officer in Boteti Mr John Kokwane said the role of the employee was determined by the employer who should also structure the work pattern.

Mr Kokwane indicated that the employer defined the job description noting that it was an agreement between the employer and the employee.

He further highlighted that Section 2 subsection 1 Cap 47:01 of the Employment Act defined contract of employment as an agreement, whether oral or in writing, expressed or implied, whereby one person agrees for a wage or other benefit or both to let his labour to and to perform it under orders of another person who agrees to hire it.

Mr Kokwane stated that the only concerning issue was that employers failed to give employees day offs.

Agricultural employees he said were entitled to a rest day of at least 24 consecutive hours in accordance with section 93 of the Employment Act.

He said they were also entitled to leave with pay at a rate not less than one and half days per month or 18 days per annum.

He further stated that section 95 of the employment act which provides guidance on hours of work does not apply to the agricultural sector.

Section 99 which gives guidance on paid public holidays does not apply to the agricultural sector as well. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Thandy Tebogo

Location : Letlhakane

Event : Kgotla meeting

Date : 05 Feb 2024