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Tutume councillors oust chairperson deputy

13 Dec 2023

The political leadership of Tutume District Council has changed hands in just under a year. 

This follows a motion of no confidence on Tutume District Council chairperson Mr Thatayaone Kehitile and his deputy Mr Tabona Masole, which was tabled by Councillor of Nswazwi/Makuta, Mr Norman Pitagano on Monday at the start of what was supposed to be a full council session. 

Both the outgoing chairperson and his deputy came into office on 24 December 2022.

Tabling the motion to have the two removed, Mr Pitagano said they had failed to deliver on the mandate of the newly established council to meet expectation of the people of the three constituencies served by district council, being Nata/Gweta, Nkange and Shashe West.

Mr Pitagano said despite having an approved budget for maintenance of primary schools, the leadership had failed to deliver and schools were in a dilapidated state, citing Magapatona Primary School as an example.

Mr Pitagano stated that there were no desks in schools, which affected teaching and learning.

He further said there were inconsistencies in decision-making as the chairperson  tended to prioritise retreat over council business and failed to institute Committees of Standing Orders Committee, and Bye Laws on time, while at the same time failing to convene a gazetted council meeting which was slated for June 13. 

In his response to the alleged failures levelled against him and his deputy, Mr Kehitile explained that his office made efforts to address the situation at Magapatona Primary School. 

He stated that in June, the council had purchased solid wood, screws, paints and a local carpenter was engaged to repair a total of 130 pupils’ tables that were worn out.

Regarding failure to formulate standing order and bye laws, Mr Kehitile said following the transition of Tutume District Council from a sub-district on 23 December 2022, the council had to start functioning as a fully-fledged council though the process had not been budgeted for, except for funds for new positions.

Meanwhile the two were removed by majority of two thirds of councillors which translates to 17 of 22 that voted for the motion, while five voted against it. 

The outgoing leaders were replaced by Mr Million Masumbika and Mr Anthony Chibane who were elected chairperson and deputy respectively. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Goitsemodimo Williams-Madzonga

Location : TUTUME

Event : Meeting

Date : 13 Dec 2023