Opportunities abundant - Gaolathe

03 Dec 2023

In order to fully harness the abundant opportunities available in Botswana, visionary leaders with creative, analytical, and diplomatic attributes are required. 

 This sentiment was expressed by Mr Ndaba Gaolathe, the President of the Alliance for Progressives (AP), during the launch of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) council candidate for the Borotsi/Lepokole ward bye-election in Bobonong on Saturday.

 The bye-election, scheduled for December 9, 2023, will see a battle between Mr Boitumelo Nyambe of the UDC, Mr Moalosi Afa of the Botswana Congress Party (BCP), and Mr Letso Leshiba of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) within the Bobonong Constituency.

 Mr Gaolathe highlighted the numerous opportunities presented by the mining and beef industries, as well as other natural resources. He emphasised the need for the government to fully capitalise on these prospects to create employment for Batswana.

   He said Botswana, blessed with diverse natural resources, from minerals to veldt products, has the perfect opportunity to establish processing industries that could improve the lives of its citizens. Mr Gaolathe also proposed the establishment of multilateral beef companies, owned by Batswana, akin to popular brands such as McDonalds Burger and Burger King in the United States. 

 This would allow Batswana to have a stake in the beef industry, ensuring that the economic benefits stay within the country.

  Regarding mineral resources, Mr. Gaolathe stressed the importance of ensuring that Batswana benefit more than their partners, as compared to the current scenario. Such a shift would ensure that wealth goes directly into the pockets of Batswana and serve as a catalyst for poverty eradication.

 Mr Gaolathe believes that the potential of Botswana’s economy to generate sufficient employment for its citizens is immense. 

 He called for the empowerment of fearless individuals capable of voicing their opinions to deliver Batswana from economic bondage and other forms of oppression.

 Supporting the UDC candidate, Mr Motsamai Motsamai, MP for Ghantsi South, urged voters to support Mr Nyambe. He  called on  residents to rally behind UDC, as it represented the path to a promised land brimming with opportunities.  Mr Motsamai advised electorates to scrutinize candidates and vote for the most capable contender, highlighting Mr. Nyambe’s qualifications.

 He  stressed the necessity of tapping into natural resources, particularly water, to enhance food security and self-sufficiency. Botswana’s abundance of perennial rivers provided an excellent opportunity to bolster these aspects. Mr Motsamai emphasized that UDC was a creative party capable of creating employment opportunities and highlighted the significance of visionary leadership in driving the country to greater heights.

 Moreover, he touched on the need to establish an elders’ fund to assist with health care for the elderly when the need arises. 

 For his part, Mr Nyambe said if elected, he would advocate for development in the area, reducing the burden on residents who currently had to travel long distances for basic services. Ends

Source : BOPA


Location : BOBONONG

Event : rally

Date : 03 Dec 2023