Kopong murder investigations incomplete

29 Nov 2023

The gruesome Kopong murder case is yet to be committed to the High Court due to gaps discovered in the cellphone records of the accused persons.

 The state prosecutor, Ms Keletso Ookeditse, said before Broadhurst Magistrate court on Tuesday that the case was not ready for committal yet, as the prosecution had discovered gaps in the cellphone records of the accused persons and there was a need for further analysis. 

“We could not just accept evidence for the sake of it because at the end, we are seeking justice,” she said.

 Ms Ookeditse said the cellphone records information had been sent back to the experts to address its shortcoming. 

Hence she said the prosecution needed more time to wrap up before the matter could be committed to the High Court.

The accused persons, Oageng Moagi Letsholo, Leufty Gaolemogwe Kosie, Outlwile Aston and Kebaleboge Ntsebe face a single count of murder of the late Barulaganye Aston. 

The deceased was a teacher at Kopong Junior Secondary School and a wife to the third accused person, Aston.

 Still at the court, first accused person, Letsholo pleaded with the court to ask the prison officials to assist him to access this medication. 

He said he sustained spinal injuries during his arrest and the pain was still troubling him.

Letsholo said he had been attended to at Princess Marina Referral Hospital but prison officials were refusing to allow him to receive treatment in the facility. He further said if the government did not have the drugs in store, his family members should be allowed to assist him. 

“I want to be fit so that by the time the trial start, I will be alive and tell the truth as it is,” he stated.

However, Magistrate Jobby Moilatshimo ordered prison officials to make arrangement for Letsholo to access his medication, as well as to allow his family members to assist if the medication was out of stock from the government facilities.

 Letsholo is self-represented while Aston and Kosie are represented by Dr Obonye Jonas while Ntsebe is represented by Mr Themba Joina. 

The quartet will appear for status hearing on March 26, 2024. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Bonang Masolotate

Location : GABORONE

Event : Court case

Date : 29 Nov 2023