Eight in police custody over Molepolole riots

25 Nov 2023

Police have arrested about eight people for inciting violence and riots that took place in Molepolole on November 23.

Riots were sparked by rumours that some body parts believed to be those of the late Phenyo Jakoba were found at the murder accused, Bakang Masole’s residence.

Giving the media an update on November 24, Botswana Police Service (BPS) deputy public relations officer, Senior Superintendent Near Bagali however said even though Jakoba’s body was discovered with some parts missing, there were no body parts found at Masole’s residence.

Snr. Supt. Bagali said following last Thursday’s riots, the police had deployed heavy security in Molepolole to ensure safety of residents and property.

“We have heavily deployed our ground forces and the best of our resources in Molepolole and we will be monitoring the situation until Monday,” he said.

Last Thursday (November 23) in the afternoon, an angry mob torched a house believed to be that of 23-year-old Masole after confrontation with law enforcement officers.

Snr. Supt. Bagali said the crowd, which had gathered at the yard was estimated at over 500.

Subsequent to torching the house and the confrontation that ensued, the mob became uncontrollable and that prompted the police to act.

The mob temporarily retreated but later began sporadic incidents characterised by fire and stone barricades on roads and torching of property, among them the stadium, kgotla shelter, the graveyard and a house belonging to some church pastor.

Snr. Supt. Bagali also confirmed that among the destroyed property were three vehicles including a government vehicle.

However, he said the value of the destroyed property had not yet been determined as investigations were still fresh.

He pleaded with the nation to remain calm and allow the investigations to conclude and bring closure to the matter.

He also assured the nation that a team of capable investigators had been assembled to crack the case and bring the matter to finality.

Meanwhile, Masole was arraigned before the Magistrate Court on November 24 facing a murder charge of 35-year-old Jakoba. Ends


Source : BOPA

Author : Lindi Morwaeng


Event : Interview

Date : 25 Nov 2023