Vandalism bedevils Moshupa council

22 Nov 2023

Moshupa District Council leadership has pleaded with the communities to guard against the new type of crime in which infrastructure, especially the solar street lights are being hit by motorists and then stolen.

The public has been advised to report such unscrupulous acts to the council or nearest police stations, as the culprits take the head lamps to use it at their homes.

Council chairperson Mr Sonny Phiri thus pleaded  when officially opening the third District Council full session of the financial year 2023/24.

He noted that Moshupa Police Station continued to play a critical role in fighting crime in their area, though they were still faced with a challenge of stock theft with 17 reported cases todate.

Also, 34 cases for common assault with the intent to inflict grievous bodily harm, six rape and attempted rape cases, five fatal roads accident were reported, among others.  

“This depicts that we have to work together going forward to address these challenges,” he said.

Mr Phiri encouraged all to stay away from corrupt practices, adding that it was a fact that a country where corruption reigned would fail in its efforts to create just and prosperous dispensation for its people.

“Corruption is not only bad for the government and reputation of the district, but it is also harmful to the growth of the economy, job creation and the country’s overall development. 

We need to fight the culture of corruption. 

Let us promote the culture of thinking hard, working hard, and of finding advanced ways of making money,” he said. 

Deliberating on the Human and Social Development pillar of Vision 2036, he said the Youth Development Fund (YDF) scheme was a socio-economic programme for start-ups and growing businesses.

“YDF was introduced in the financial year 2009/10 to assist aspirant youth to venture into numerous commercial enterprises funded at 50 per cent loan with 50 per cent being a grant. 

The programme was carried out by MYSC in collaboration with other stakeholders such as Local Enterprise Authority to build the spirit of entrepreneurship and other government ministries and parastatals who offer technical support,” he said.

He said Moshupa MYSC had received and assessed 60 new proposals for youth development projects to be funded in the year 2023/24, adding that the proposals received included; 42 applications from Moshupa/Manyana, 14 from Kanye North, and four Kanye South, totalling to the sum of over P2.4 million.

He said in a bid to improve service delivery, decision-making and project implementation government decided to upgrade all 22 sub-districts into full districts, including Moshupa. 

He noted that Decentralisation would promote participatory development. 

Moshupa as a district was an important vehicle of bottom up planning and community-driven development.

“The process of filling the 40 new positions is ongoing, currently 22 positions have been filled. 

This positions are expected to increase the manpower and subsequently improved service delivery to our communities,” he said. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Thuso Kgakatsi

Location : MOSHUPA

Event : District Council full session

Date : 22 Nov 2023