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Sampled items not presented in court

31 Oct 2023

State witness, Ms Tirelo Marope says three items she sampled in comparison with the DNA of the accused persons have not been presented before court for her to identify and use to support her oral evidence.

Responding to questions under cross examination in the ongoing trial in G4S P2.3 million cash-in-transit armed robbery case at Broadhurst Magistrate Court on Thursday, Ms Marope, a Senior Forensic Scientific Officer said a white woolen glove, a grey long sleeved track top with a black collar and a white cap with blue inner lining and four blood samples were submitted to the Police Forensic Laboratory for DNA sampling.

Under cross examination by defence attorney for the third and fourth accused persons, Mr Nkosana Ngwenya, the witness, said she was the one who tested the three items for comparison with the blood samples of the accused persons. 

She said the items were accompanied by a written instruction on what she ought to do. The three sample items were tested against the DNA of the four accused persons, she said, adding that the sample collected from the glove matched with the DNA of the fourth accused person, Ntholephi Elliot Ntshalintshali

Ms Marope said the sample collected from the track top indicated a mix of DNA, including that of Ntshalintshali, whilst the sample from the cap did not match with the DNA of Mothusi  Matomela but rather matched that of Ntshalintshali.

“I personally did the comparison on the sample items with the DNA of accused persons. After carrying out the tests; the glove, track top and cap were returned to Mogoditshane Police station, but were not presented in court for me to identify as the ones I had examined in comparison with the blood samples of the four accused persons.’ She said.

Ms Marope said apart from  her report, there is nothing else that she can rely on to corroborate with her evidence in chief. 

“I also do not have the form with the instructions guiding what I was supposed to do with the items that were submitted to the forensic laboratory,” Ms Marope said.

The quartet, Matomela, Thapelo Lekobe, Mzwandile Mazibuko and Ntshalintshali are alleged to have, acting together and in consent, armed with pistols and rifles, robbed G4S security company cash amounting to P2 310 000, an AK47 rifle and a pistol on October 13, 2021 at Turn Right Mall along Gabane road. Mazibuko and Ntshalintshali, who are South African nationals are also facing another count of entering Botswana through an un-gazetted point.

Trial is set to continue on November 01, 16 and 17, 2023 and the state is expected to conclude its case with the evidence of the Investigating Officer, Detective Superintendent Joshua Ntau. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Moshe Galeragwe

Location : Gaborone

Event : Court

Date : 31 Oct 2023