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Ntsuape awaits two more murder sentences

12 Oct 2023

Death row inmate, Gobuamang Ntsuape, has admitted guilty to two further counts of murder as well as four attempted murders. Ntsuape will on December 18 get a chance to try and convince the court for a lesser sentence on the six counts that he faces.

Passing a ruling on Wednesday, Justice Barnabas Nyamadzabo of the Francistown High Court said the court was convinced that Ntsuape had malice aforethought and no legal defense in all the counts he is accused of.

This was after Ntsuape admitted to all the summary of facts read to him. "So you are guilty and therefore convicted as charged in all the six counts," he said. Justice Nyamadzabo then set December 18 for the defense to make submission of mitigating factors.

The defense has indicated that it will call witnesses to assist its cause, and it was further requested to produce the accused's precious convictions.

The facts of the matter are that on December 1, 2016 in Francistown, while being transported to prison from court, Ntsuape wrestled for the steering wheel of a Prisons vehicle they were transported in, swinging it and leading to the vehicle overturning, in the process killing a police officer and one inmate.

The incident also led to the injury of four other occupants. Ntsuape allegedly got riled after the court dismissed his application to have his matter heard in chambers, where he is said to have intended to inform the judge about the challenges he faced in prison.

 Ntsuape already has a noose hovering over his neck after he was sentenced to death last year for the murder of the mother to his ex-girlfriend. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Olekantse Sennamose

Location : Gaborone

Event : Court

Date : 12 Oct 2023