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Murder accused to know fate today

20 Sep 2023

Murder accused, Nthusang Meleko Kachamake, will know his fate today when he stands before Chief Justice Terence Rannowane.

This comes seven years after he allegedly chopped his two-year-old younger brother to death and assaulted his sister with a log in Kang.

Kachamake’s legal representative, Ms Ntandoyake Mhlanga of Mhlanga Legal Practice has argued before court that when events of November 20, 2016 occurred, her client was mentally troubled.

When making her final submission, Ms Mhlanga conceded to the offence but argued that her client should be acquitted as he was mentally troubled when committing the crime. 

She said his intention was not to kill or injure the children, but to fight the zombies and snakes that he saw in his mental state.

 “We should only concentrate on whether the accused person was criminally liable,” she said, adding that the Penal Code presumed that to be liable, an accused should had been sane at all relevant times, and hence Kachamake should be acquitted.

She pleaded with the court to return a special verdict in terms of section 160 (1) of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act in respect of the accused as he was insane at the time of the crime, and therefore could not be held criminally responsible. 

In addition, Ms Mhlanga submitted a psychiatric evaluation report detailing her client’s mental troubles.

In evidence led in court, the accused’s father, Mr Sikele Nkaletsa said around October of the same year, it was brought to his attention that Kachamake was behaving strangely.

 “He was talking to himself and was walking aimlessly. He did not even respond when I tried to talk to him,” Nkaletsahad told the court.

He disclosed that Kachamake was eventually taken to Kang Clinic where he was given an injection to manage his situation. 

Mr Nkaletsa produced his son’s medical card to back his evidence.

 Kachamake is charged with murder and causing grievous bodily harm. ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Bonang Masolotate

Location : GABORONE

Event : Court appearance

Date : 20 Sep 2023