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Ghanzi Magistrate Court grants Mbinda bail

05 Sep 2023

Ghanzi magistrate court has granted bail to David Mbinda who is alleged to have  stolen 20 herd of cattle.

The 40-year-old whose plea was reserved, was granted bail and would appear again on September 18.

Ghanzi Senior Magistrate Mpho Molema ordered that before the accused could be released on bail, he should have complied with bail conditions which were proposed by prosecution through inspector Ditiro Kejele of Botswana police.

The inspector proposed that the accused could be granted bail on conditions that he pays P3 500, provide two adult Batswana sureties who shall bind themselves with P1 500 each, should not commit any criminal offence, should not interfere with state witness and should come to court at the pleasure of court.

Mr Kejele told the court that investigations are almost done.

 The 20 cattle are said to be belonging to Mr Shadrack Modisane of Sejantsi beef breeders and are valued at P 80 300.

Kalkfontein station commander, Superintendent Olebeng Chingabe told BOPA in an interview that the suspect was arrested on August  30 after allegedly being found in possession of 20 cattle belonging to Sejantsi beef breeders.

He said the suspect was arrested at Tjiongombe farm, 25 km from Sejantsi beef breeders’ farm 7.

He said the owner Sejantsi beef breeders had on August 29, reported to the police that part of his farm fence was cut at the back and undisclosed number cattle were missing. He said it was suspected that the accused tracked the cattle on a horse back.

The station commander appealed to farmers to remain vigilant against livestock theft and should frequent their farms and patrol their farm peripheries. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Mothusi Galekhutle

Location : GHANZI

Event : COURT

Date : 05 Sep 2023