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Ranaka kgotla shelter gutted by fire

29 Aug 2023

Police have launched investigations to establish the cause of the fire that gutted Ranaka kgotla shelter on Sunday at around midnight.

In an interview with BOPA on Monday, Sejelo Station Commander Superintendent Mogomotsi Matlapeng said  “our forensic team is at the scene to find any evidence that may shed light as to what may have happened”.

Supt. Matlapeng appealed to anyone who might have information on the incident to inform the police.

“People should refrain from spreading rumours that might somehow destabilise the village,” he warned.

Kgosi Moemedi Telekelo of Ranaka explained that he received a phone call a few minutes after midnight, informing him of the incident and upon arrival he found kgotla shelter on fire.

He said the night watchman informed him that he saw some light and thought that it was a vehicle on the road behind the shelter, but after a few minutes he realised that the kgotla shelter was on fire.

Kgosi Telekelo said that daily activities such as weddings, resolving of disputes and many others were going to be affected as they relied on the shelter to conduct such activities.

He said they were to host dikgafela celebration in the near future and the kgotla shelter was crucial to the activity.

Kgosi Telekelo said they did not know what might have caused the fire, adding that they were awaiting police investigations.

“A re se kukege maikutlo, re emele mapodisi ba fetse tiro ya bone,” he said, urging residents to desist from spreading rumours. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Thato Modiakgotla

Location : RANAKA

Event : Interview

Date : 29 Aug 2023