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More countries line up to join BRICS as growth opportunities abound

23 Aug 2023

The 15th BRICS Summit is set to be held in South Africa's Johannesburg on Aug. 22-24.

There are high expectations among experts and observers about the outcomes of the summit. One major focus is the membership expansion of the group.

Attracted by the openness and inclusiveness of BRICS, more countries have decided to apply to join the group, which reflects the shared aspiration of developing countries to focus on their own development, seek unity and cooperation, and oppose external interference.

Experts have highlighted the significance of this expected expansion and the potential benefits it holds.

Home to over 40 percent of the world's population and about a quarter of the global economy, the BRICS has become a force of attraction for many developing countries. ENDS

Source : Xinhua

Author : Xinhua

Location : Johannesburg

Event : BRICS Summit

Date : 23 Aug 2023