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Justice Tau gives appellant chance to resubmit

08 May 2023

Rape accused, Barulaganye Jumanta of Serinane in the Kweneng District has been given a chance to file proper documents before Court of Appeal Judge President, Justice Tebogo Tau. 

Striking the matter off the roll, Justice Tau said the accused had failed to file an affidavit explaining why he filed his appeal out of time.

In addition, he failed to advance reasons why he believed he had prospects of success in appeal, stated Justic Tau.

“Should we continue with this case as it is, it will be a straightforward dismissal because we do not have anything from you before us.  So I am giving you another chance to make proper filing of all the necessary documents. You should do so within a reasonable time because you are already out of time,” she said.

Justice Tau told Jumanta that his reasons for appeal should be exceptional and indicate why he believed that he had prospects for success before the Court of Appeal.

Asked why she did not raise the issue of failure to file proper documents with the appellant, Prosecutor Tamela Mbulawa said she chose not to be too harsh on the appellant because he had no legal representative.

Jumanta, 25,  is accused of raping a school mate at Takatokwane’s Mahupu Secondary School in 2016 and in the process causing bodily harm to his victim. Ends


Source : BOPA

Author : Olekantse Sennamose

Location : GABORONE

Event : Court appearance

Date : 08 May 2023