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Saleshando solicits votes

24 Apr 2023

Botswana Congress Party (BCP) president Mr Dumelang Saleshando has urged fellow party members to vote BCP council candidate Mr Thomamisi Ndaba in the next bye-elections billed for next weekend.

Launching the party candidate for Mapoka/Nlapkhwane and Kgari Ward on Saturday, MP for Maun West Mr Saleshando said voting Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) was akin to perpetuating and promoting corruption.

“Our candidate is behind a party that has no corrupt record compared to BDP and its leadership,”

He however said politics in Botswana had now lost meaning as politicians does the opposite of what they say citing that BDP has long promised that the Collective Bargaining Council was to be implemented in six months but it was now over 60 months and nothing had been done.

Another loss of meaning in politics, he said, was for the ruling party to go around campaigning in motorcades and blowing hooters instead of campaigning by parading their achievements like health facilities, jobs created, schools, dams and others.

“This is lack of responsibility for a party that has ruled for more than 56 years to be campaigning like new entrants in politics and fails to use its successes to lure electorates,” BCP Leader said.

Regarding the party’s candidate, Mr Saleshando said  the BCP candidate had long shown interest on politics and the eagerness to assist people in the ward long before the seat became vacant.

He urged all eligible electorates to vote BCP in order to redeem the country from the shame brought about by the ruling party.

Still at the rally, Mr Gape Motswaledi accussed government for empowering foreigners at the expense of Batswana.  

He said Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) guidelines were said to be flexible while requirements like security which were said to be lifted remained a prerequisite not affordable by Batswana.   

Concerning ISPAAD, Mr Motswaledi said government had failed to implement the programme saying they were now promising farmers that they woud be given tractors.

On the education system, Mr Motswaledi said every year, more than 20 000 students graduate and last year, 80 000 were at home jobless while this year, more than 120 000 remain jobless and relegated to their homes.

BCP Women’s Wing vice president Ms Ethel Gaampone said BCP was the only party that performed its activities in a transparent manner.

“It is time to vote with wisdom and shun BDP as there was no progress in the BDP led government,” she said.

She urged voters to ensure that they win the coming elections and ultimately put BCP into power, in order to see for change.

The seat which fell vacant after the passing of councilor and North East District Council Chairman Mr Farai Bonyongo will be contested by Mr Ndaba, Mr Nabulani Lenyatso of Umbrella for Democratic Change and Mr Thomas Chabalala of BDP.

Source : BOPA

Author : Goweditswe Kome


Event : Political rally

Date : 24 Apr 2023