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Letsholo accuses media of inaccurate reporting

14 Mar 2023

The first accused persons in the gruesome murder of Kopong teacher, Moagi Letsholo has accused the media of reporting and misrepresenting his personal issues, which he says have nothing to do with the murder case.

Letsholo (48) who is serving sentence for a different offence, has been charged with murder alongside Leufty Kosie, Outlwile Aston and Kebaleboge Ntsebe who are out on bail.

Appearing before magistrate Ms Jobbie Moilatshimo of Broadhurst Magistrate’s Court on Monday, for the outcome of his request to be allowed to do some banking, expressed displeasure over the media misrepresentation facts regarding his banking request.

“Ba re ke duetswe, ke duetswe eng? Ke duetswe eng? I am not a killer,” said Letsholo as he asked the court to intervene.

Letsholo told the court  that some media outlets had said that he had been paid for his role in the murder, though he had nothing to do with the death of Ms Barulaganye Aston, who was brutally murdered at her house in Kopong last year.

He expressed disappointment that the media was twisting his plea to be facilitated to go to the bank, adding that he sold his vehicle and therefore wanted to be facilitated to bank his money.

Letsholo said the sale of the vehicle was to aide him to prepare for his defence in the case, adding that the media was way out of line to link the sale and the murder incident.

“This matter will be tried and the truth will come out, they should not judge,” he said. He said the media should confine itself to what transpired in court.

However, Magistrate Moilatshimo said the court was hamstrung in dictating to the media what to write.

“There is not much that the court can do about what they depict,” she told the accused.

However, Letsholo who seemed displeased with the court’s stance said even though the court could not dictate to the media, the media should be fair in its reporting.

Meanwhile, Magistrate Moilatshimo ordered the prison services to facilitate Letsholo to do banking.

The accused person had made a request to the court to order the central prison’s officer-in-charge to facilitate him to take his money to the bank. Ends


Source : BOPA

Author : Bonang Masolotate

Location : Gaborone

Event : Court

Date : 14 Mar 2023