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Police investigate death of 3 at Tsholofelo West

27 Feb 2023

Broadhurst Police are investigating an incident in which a 38-year-old man and his two children aged seven and two were found dead in a house at Tsholofelo West on the early hours of Sunday.

Broadhurst Police Station commander, Superintendent Obusitswe Lokae confirmed the incident, noting that at around 1am while on patrol his team came across a group of people gathered by the entrance of one residence at Tsholofelo West.

Upon enquiry, he said one of the people informed the police that the owner of the residence had locked himself in the house with his two children.

 Supt Lokae said the wife of the deceased was also outside the yard and information they received was that she, earlier during the day, had a misunderstanding with her husband, which led to her being forced out of the house.

He said with the assistance of the fire department, police managed to gain access into the house, where to their shock, the man was found hanging in the passage while two children were lying on the floor, the younger on top of the older.

Broadhurst police chief said all three were certified dead upon arrival at Extension II Clinic. He said it was suspected that the man could have committed suicide and it remained unclear what could have resulted in the death of the children.

“There were no injuries to their bodies and therefore it is not clear what could have caused their death. Our investigations are ongoing,” he said.

Supt Lokae also revealed that some of the people who were interviewed by the police said the deceased had, prior to the incident, sent them ‘suspicious messages’.

As such, Supt Lokae urged people to always report such incidences well on time or live to regret once the worst has happened.

He also said the deceased’s wife and mother were left in a traumatic state, therefore, in need of urgent and intense counselling.

 “We appeal to people to always ask for assistance when faced with challenging and traumatic situations,” he said.Ends


Source : BOPA

Author : Moshe Galeragwe

Location : GABORONE

Event : interview

Date : 27 Feb 2023