Masisi reads BDP representatives the Riot Act

13 Feb 2023

Ruling party members, especially MPs and councillors must uphold and respect the party position and resolutions, President Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi has said.

He told a Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) meeting in Moshupa Sunday that deviating from the party position was akin to lawlessness and indiscipline which would not be tolerated.

For the party to be taken as government by electorates, there must be order and respect for its rules and caucus decisions, the President said.

He stressed that  no representative  was bigger than the party.

Dr Masisi said those defying party instructions normally did so under the pretext that they were representing not the party but the people who elected them.   

He cautioned those harbouring such notions to discard them.

Dr Masisi implored democrats to choose quality candidates willing to represent the electorate’s interests through the BDP and those ready to defend the party ‘and not leaders who enjoy cheers from the opposition just because they are able to defy party positions’.

The President cautioned BDP members against washing the party’s dirty linen in public advising the following of laid down processes to resolve discontent. 

Discussing internal matters outside normal processes reflected badly on the party, he noted 

Dr Masisi said it was shocking for some BDP councillors to have attempted to take government to court over a salary dispute.

Though the party was sympathetic to their plight, it had never promised any representative increased salaries, he said.

Dr Masisi implored democrats and electorates not to overburden councillors and MPs with personal issues because they too had family obligations to attend to.

Democrats should not demand or claim entitlement from party representatives because they ‘campaigned’ for them, he said.

Explaining that during elections, democrats campaigned for their party and not the individual, the President said going forward the BDP would appoint campaign managers for candidates. 

Turning to another issue,  Dr Masisi implored all democrats to respect traditional leaders and the role they played in national unity and development.

On the other hand, he said dikgosi use proper channels if aggrieved rather than abusing their positions to show disgruntlement, using language not befitting their status and making appalling decisions to justify their  unhappiness.

The President expressed appreciation for the role played by chiefs in the country’s peace, developmental agenda and unity which he said would remain  the cornerstone of Botswana’s democratic ideals. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : BOPA

Location : MOSHUPA

Event : BDP meet

Date : 13 Feb 2023