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President Masisi welcomes new members to BDP

23 Dec 2022

Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) president, Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi has welcomed 380 new members who have joined the party from the opposition.

Dr Masisi welcomed the new members during the party’s activation drive at Gudigwa in the Okavango district.

In his address, Dr Masisi commended party members for undertaking a rigorous and spirited recruitment drive.

“The BDP is an inclusive party and is ready to welcome anyone. Membership of all party members remains equal,” he said.

He added that the BDP prided itself with good governance and consultation and therefore urged the new members to ignore petty talks common among politicians.

Dr Masisi said BDP was the only party in Africa, which had led a country for a long time, hence he appealed to Batswana to continue supporting it.

He urged party members to avoid being demoralised by people critiquing the ruling party, adding that they should instead be proud that party membership was growing in leaps and bounds.

For his part, BDP secretary general, Mr Kavis Kario said the recruitment drive was on track as they had registered 1 000 new members so far out of which more than 200 were from Botswana Congress Party, which Okavango constituency was its stronghold.

“Having new members joining the BDP indicates that they are fed up with opposition parties because they are formed by people who are disgruntled,” Mr Kario said.

He added that the BDP was formed by experienced elders who were determined to solve problems that Batswana were faced with, unlike opposition parties which he said were vanishing because they dwelled on internal fights.

“You have shown that you did not want to be associated with parties that cannot be trusted hence your move to BDP and I urge you to support President Masisi by giving him another chance to prove his mettle,” he added.

Political Education and Elections Committee chairperson, Mr Alec Seametso also appreciated the move by some Gudigwa residents to join the ruling party.

Mr Seametso said they had made the right choice to rally behind President Masisi whom he said was steering the country in the right direction.

“BDP is the only party that cares for Batswana and has put in place programmes such as Ipelegeng, elderly pension aimed to cushion them from extreme poverty,” he said.

Central committee member, Ms Nonny Wright urged party members to welcome new members who had joined the party. She also thanked President Masisi for appointing two women candidates from North West region into the central committee, a move that she said would motivate others to actively participate in politics. ENDS


Source : BOPA

Author : Esther Mmolai

Location : GUDINGWA

Event : party’s activation drive

Date : 23 Dec 2022