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BDP structure enhancement paramount

19 Dec 2022

Acting President, Mr Slumber Tsogwane has emphasised the need to enhance the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) structures countrywide so as to put the party on full throttle for the upcoming 2024 general elections.

Mr Tsogwane was speaking at a meet and greet session in Sekoma on Saturday.

He said enhancing party structures would ensure mass exodus of opposition members into the ruling party.

“A date will be set for the rally and will be communicated in due course.

As such democrats need to prepare for it.

It will be a crucial day that will spell out important things in their lives,” he said.

Therefore, he challenged democrats to intensify the recruitment drive, saying people were hungry and thirsty to join the ruling party because they had realised that it had interests of Batswana at heart and had the most effective way of serving the national interest.

He said the BDP had a track record and had proved over the years that it was trustworthy, adding, ‘the party will continue to work hard to ensure developments and services reach people at all times, where it matters most.”

He further said it was paramount for the party to continue with the goodwill and reputation so as to meet the expectations of Batswana.

He said his party strove for maximum output in areas or spheres of life that would add economic value to the lives of Batswana.

The Acting President further urged democrats to ignore unfounded allegations by the opposition that had potential to taint the reputation and goodwill of the ruling party.

For his part, Kanye North legislator, Mr Thapelo Letsholo said it was time for the BDP to register new members and concurred with the Acting President that people longed to join the party because they had realised that it had potential to change their economic landscape.

He said BDP met people at their point of need and therefore implored Batswana to be wise and know their watering point. ENDs

Source : Bopa

Author : Keith Keti

Location : SEKOMA

Event : BDP meet and greet session

Date : 19 Dec 2022