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Bus loading make ends meet

03 Aug 2022

Every learner aims for academic excellence to enable them to get a rewarding job, and when one fails, the plan changes, motivation being to get something that can put the food on the table, and usually such involves menial jobs.

In the past people would think of being a maid, gardener, labourer, brick layer, among others, but nowadays the list of menial jobs has amplified to include bus loading, among others.   
And 22-year-old Mr Thabo Otsogile, who hails from Maunatlala now residing in Serowe found himself at the Serowe bus rank to find a way to survive.

In 2018 while awaiting his BGCSE results, to avoid idleness, he decided to earn a few thebes from cleaning buses and when the results came out, he realised that they could not earn him entry into any tertiary institution, hence he continued with bus cleaning.

While going about his daily duty of bus cleaning, some of the bus conductors noticed his work ethic and advised him to consider bus loading.  

“I did not look back and I put all my energy in it.

I call passengers and also help carry their bags.

It’s not easy, but pays better than cleaning buses.

I’m now a well-known bus loader and load for different buses such as Modisa Elias, Teddy’s Express, Mokoka and others that pass through Serowe.”  

Like any other worker, Otsogile takes his job seriously as he arrives at the bus rank as early as 6am and leaves at 6pm after the last bus has left.

“The money is not enough for all my needs, but it helps me to survive.

It will also help me to realise my dream as I have a plan of where I want to be in future.”

Through his earnings Mr Otsogile has managed to get himself a driver’s license, which is a step further to changing his life and finding a more stable income.

His hope is to get a job as a bus driver to enable him to save more money to pursue his dream of running an office that would specifically identify gaps in the market.

“While there are many dog- breeding companies in the country, there is very few home-made dog food companies and that is where I come in.

I want to supply outlets with Botswana produced dog food one day.”

Mr Otsogile said that was what he had always envisioned himself doing, but was discouraged by his poor academic results.

The positive minded youngster concluded by tipping his peers to give their studies their all given that education could open doors and aid them to realise their dreams.

“Had I taken my education seriously, it would have been a lot easier for me to fulfill my dream.

With my mind on it, it is still possible.” ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Sue Charley

Location : SEROWE

Event : Interview

Date : 03 Aug 2022