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36 years of marriage still going strong

24 Jan 2022

After 36 years of marriage, Mr Katumi Mmutle and Ms Lefedile Mmutle recently decided to renew their vows with pomp and ceremony at their homestead in Galekgatshwane near Gakutlo.

Narrating their story, the couple said they met in January 1979 in Galephatshwane during “dikhwaere” competitions, and that they dated for six years before tying the knot in 1986 in Gabane. Three years later they decided to relocate to where they first met to build their first house and start a new life.

As with any marriage, they encountered challenges and the biggest was losing their only boy child at birth.

The misfortune, however, drew them closer to each other as they are also staunch Christians. The disaster also taught them to be there for each other.

 “It is the little things in life that matter,” said Mr Mmutle when asked the secret of their long and happy marriage. Theirs is the story of love, courage and triumph.

The childless marriage is not an issue for the Mmutle’s as love and trusting in God is what keeps them going. Ms Mmutle proudly narrated how she stood by her husband when he fell sick last year.

Mr Mmutle, who worked in South Africa all these years, said being in a long distance relationship did not affect their commitment to one another.

When he retired in 2017, the couple decided to demarcate their farm in order to create a recreational garden to augment their income.

With her energy and passion for trees, Ms Mmutle created the garden and Mamisto’s Garden was established.

The garden hosts various functions including parties, weddings and functions. However, the COVID-19 onslaught in 2020 did not spare their facility and business went on its knees.

They relaunched the garden when they decided to renew their vows and they invited the area MP, Ms Nnaniki Makwinja to officially open the garden which has amenities such as an adult and children’ swimming pools as well as an ablution block.

For Ms Mmutle, saying “askies” or I am sorry has been the secret to their marriage. She said the words work like a charm or magic.

Above all, she said trusting in God and loving one another unconditionally was the secret to a long, happy marriage.

Ms Makwinja wished the couple well and commended them for being exemplary. She urged young couples in her constituency to imitate the Mmutle’s and to draw lessons from their union. She also encouraged her constituents to support their business. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Lindi Morwaeng

Location : GAKUTLO

Event : Story

Date : 24 Jan 2022