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Mmotlanyana passionate about teaching driving

10 May 2021

Gomolemo Mmotlanyana, who hails from Tlokweng, but currently stays in Motshegaletau, in the central district, says he was passionate about teaching people how to drive and encouraging them to legally acquire licences.

Mr Mmotlanyana, a driving school instructor and owner of Uncle Sam Driving School, told BOPA in an interview recently, that he cut his teeth in the driving school business in 2016, at Gaborone station.

He said that he then moved to Motshegaletau, not so long ago, as he had identified an opportunity for a driving school in the village.

Mr Mmotlanyana further stated that at the beginning, business was good as he had no competition and his target market was mostly government employees and other community members, who could afford the fees.

He said the subscription fee was P600 for both theory and practical lessons, revealing that in cases where one had no source of income, he or she could pay with a goat or a donkey, which was equivalent to two months’ subscription.

Mr Mmotlanyana revealed however that COVID-19 did not spare his business, adding that due to the resultant job losses, some of his clients had stopped attending classes as they can no longer afford the fees.

He also stated that lack of perseverance was one of the reasons why the business was not doing well, saying some people give up too quickly, when they fail instead of working hard to get better results.

Mr Mmotlanyana said the driving school currently uses automatic cars, but will soon shift to manuals, as clients prefer them.

Furthermore, he said some of the clients do not want to focus on theory as they feel it is easier and rush to do practicals, as they already know how to drive and end up quitting school and driving without licences.

He highlighted that forging of licences was another factor that was killing his business. He said some people quit the driving school, with the knowledge that they can buy a license, which is a risk as some end up being duped, arrested or both.

Mr Mmotlanyana encouraged people to legally acquire licences, saying a licence can open opportunities. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Ookeditse Kamogelo


Event : Interview

Date : 10 May 2021