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Hair stylist turns oil into fruitful business

22 Apr 2021

The notion that businesses patronised by women can hardly fail has proved to be nothing but the truth, because even in COVID 19 era, cosmetic or beautify enhancing trades continue to blossom.

A living example is the birth of dreadlocks/natural or any type of hair oil named Samiracle oil.

While the COVID 19 pandemic has seen barbershops, hair salons and other businesses across the country folding, some dealers managed to grasp opportunities, and Gaborone based hair stylist Mr Nonofo Dikgobo is one of those.

After realising that money was not coming through, the barber and dreadlock stylist thought of what to venture into to make ends meet, hence the birth of Samiracle oil.

He did not think far, but thought of something in-line with his trade, thus inventing a hair grower.

Given his longevity in the hair industry, Mr Dikgobo realised that most African women faced challenges of losing hairline, attributed by the various hairline matters groups on social platforms such as facebook.

Realising that this hair issue dulled their beauty and confidence, he saw that as an opportunity, hence birth of Samiracle.

Mr Dikgobo said the product was established as a treatment solution for loss of hair and hairline stemming from improper use of chemicals such as hair bleaches, dyes, and dryers.

“I believe I am duty bound by purpose in my line of duty to set and establish a positive impact in people on how they look and appear in their day to day schedules and to leave forever lasting legacy on hair business and fashion” he said.

The 35-year-old dreadlock stylist explained that he started by mixing different types of oils that were in the market, which did not work for him and he almost abandoned the idea.

 His South African friend introduced Mr Dikgobo to his West African friends who shared information on organic oils.

The encouragement from the mutual friends encouraged him to continued working on his desired oil until he got Samiracle oil, a combination of three main organic oils that carried multiple properties of hair growth. 

Among the challenges he faced was lack of funds to start the product, transport and skilled manpower.

He also mentioned lack of machinery as the main challenge because manual production was slow resulting in low production.  

Mr Dikgobo stated that the response and feedback was not fanciful especially for the first batch because customers were not familiar with the product.

While its already available in the market, he is yet to launch it and offer Samiracle a wide array of potential packages both in the local and international market. 

Presently he is operating from his house and relying on Facebook and WhatsApp to market his product.

Given his zeal and passion about his trade, realising his dreams is an attainable mission. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Naomi Leepile

Location : GABORONE

Event : Interview

Date : 22 Apr 2021