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JTC Revenue Collection Improves

29 Feb 2024

 Jwaneng Town Council has exceeded their rates collection target and recorded an increase in own-source revenue collection.

Addressing a full council meeting on Tuesday, the Mayor of Jwaneng, Ms Olga Ditsie, said the council had reached 101 per cent collection target for rates, while own-source revenue was at 68 per cent.

The council has managed to collect at least P4 million against the target of more than P6 million which translates to 68 per cent. The amount is made up of only own-source revenue while rates collected P7 105 869.56 against the target of P7 085 960, translating to 101 per cent,” she said.

She noted that the council still continued to experience challenges related to revenue collection.

Regarding expenditure, Ms Ditsie said the council expected spending to increase during the last month of the financial year, owing to envisioned tender awarding. The annual expenditure was at 75 per cent, against the P111 063 700 budget.

“As we wrap up the current financial year of 2023/2024 which was budgeted at P111 063 700, expenditure to date stands at P83 469 113.52. With more tenders and quotations awarded during the current and in the last quarter, we expect to see expenditure going up in the last month of March 2024,” she added.

Ms Ditsie the council  completed all the carryover road projects in the township, save for the rehabilitation, Asphalt overlay and walkway paving of the Mmathethe Road, which was at 94 per cent. She said she was optimistic that the project would be completed soon, following engagement with the contractor.

The works were progressing at a slow pace as it moved from 88 per cent last quarter to only 95 per cent to date. The council had been in contact with the contractor to formulate remedial action to cover for the lost time. It was anticipated that the works would be completed by the end of February 2024.

She said the tendering process for the 2023/2024 internal roads maintenance works was at an advanced stage, and works were expected to commence in March.

 The projects, funded through the Road Levy Fund, entailed vegetation control, pothole patching, desilting, bush clearing, tree trimming, road sweeping and street lighting for internal roads for all units in the township. She spoke of an improvement in streetlight infrastructure, which she said was currently at 69 per cent functionality. She also said 70 per cent of LED lights had been installed, while old streetlights were being reinstalled to improve lighting of the streets.

 “Installation of LED lights is also ongoing with a total of 266 out of the planned 373 having been installed. The council is reinstalling the old conventional streetlights that were replaced by LED at selected internal roads to also improve visibility in those areas,” she noted.

However, Ngami ward councillor, Mr Oduetse Rabanna said the mayor’s statement on street lighting was not a true reflection of what was on the ground. He said illumination was still a challenge around Jwaneng, as they have experienced that lighting alternated between streets.

Councillor for Kgalagadi ward, Mr Tshokodiso Lesetedi also expressed concern about the slow progress of internal road projects. He called for monitoring mechanisms to ensure that projects were completed on time. ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Kehumile Moekejo

Location : JWANENG

Event : council meeting

Date : 29 Feb 2024