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Low collection worries leadership

28 Feb 2024

The Chairperson of the Ramotswa District Council (RDC) has expressed concern about the low revenue collection, having managed to collect P4 132 708, which constitutes a shortfall of P8 028 247 of the targeted revenue collection.

Mr Zaahid Jalal said as such, the council has established a Rates Unit as a way of generating revenue through property tax (Rate), and upon completion of the valuation roll the Rates Unit will be fully operational to bill and collect rates

Mr Jalal said during the official opening of the first full council meeting for the year 2024 on Monday that: “We hope that this unit just such as the Credit Control Unit, will assist the council in improving revenue collection.”

He said the total amount received to date by the council was P 119 230 740 with an expenditure amounting to P103 753,390 as of 31st January 2024. This constitute 71.4percent against their total budget amounting to P131 572 440 from their RSG budget and P12 160 955 from Own Source of Revenue. Mr Jalal said the council awarded 21 tenders at a value of P34 427 338.45 and 43 quotations to the tune of P3 113 102.40 to 100 percent citizen owned companies since the beginning of this financial year.

He said P10 573 120.65 was awarded to local companies and P8 600 281.10 was awarded to vulnerable groups. 


Source : BOPA

Author : Itumeleng Naane

Location : RAMOTSWA

Event : official opening

Date : 28 Feb 2024