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Eight complete Hydroponic farming

28 Feb 2024

Eight trainees at Manxtoae in the Nata/Gweta have graduated from hydroponic project training. Speaking at the graduation ceremony in Manxotae on Monday, Tutume District Council Secretary (CS), Mr Joseph Banyatsang explained that the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development has developed a five-year Strategy and Transformation Plan for a period from 2021-2025, which is anchored on the strategic objective of improving organisational performance through monitoring and evaluation for sustainable local economies.

Mr Banyatsang said for them to achieve the objective of their strategic plan, their ministry partnered with different stakeholders to help uplift rural communities by empowering them with skills, which will enable them to earn a living rather than relying solely on government for support. 

He said this initiative also drives the government objective of having a knowledge-based economy and by bringing training to these rural communities, they are aiming at giving them knowledge and skills, which are useful for them to improve their livelihoods as well as for others hence boost the local economy for their village. 

He highlighted that they started the hydroponic project training in August 2022 in partnership with Green Gem and Palms for Life Fund with 10 participants who were selected through the Social and Community Development office to be trained on the project, which entails teaching them how to produce seedlings of different vegetables and crops, which could withstand the conditions of their area. 

The project progressed well despite the challenges that the trainees experienced such as not being able to get the seedlings within the local areas and they had to travel as far as Francistown to get them, poor soil texture which was not accommodative to the seedlings as well as excessive heat conditions which affected their plants before they could fully develop leading to poor quality of the seedlings. 

Mr Banyatsang said eight trainees, being six women and two men, stood firm to see their success on the training while two from the original number dropped out. He said this training was not only benefiting the eight beneficiaries but the whole community because the trainees have been empowered to be able to teach others the basics of hydroponic planting. 

Although they had not made much of profit from the sales, going forward it will surely make returns as people start get used to the local produce.

The Village Development Committee Chairperson, Mr Bob Zibani, commended the government for coming up with programmes and initiatives that are aimed at uplifting the lives of the Rural Area Dwellers (RADs) despite the challenges that come with taking the projects to these areas. 

Mr Zibani said the skills given to the graduates would not only be helpful to them alone but to the whole community as they would be able to purchase vegetables within their village and grow their local economy. 

Ms Lillian Chilabampane, the Palms for Life Food Security Project Coordinator, said they were an organisation aimed at helping underprivileged communities and they offer them different trainings aimed at giving them survival skills. 

Ms Chilabampane said the  hydroponic project was a pilot project and they had selected 11 sites, including Manxotae, to start and with its success, they were going to expand it to more places and communities. 


Source : BOPA

Author : Goitsemodimo Williams-Madzonga

Location : MANXOTAE -

Event : ceremony

Date : 28 Feb 2024