Selebi Phikwe community projects doing well

02 Dec 2023

Selebi Phikwe mayor, Mr Lucas Modimana has implored the town’s community to support Thakomebosele Tswana Chicken and Kopano Recreational Park projects whose aim is to alleviate poverty and create employment for the residents.

Mr Modimana, who was addressing a full council meeting on November 29, said community development initiatives such as Kopano Recreational Park were generating income for Ward Development Committees (WDC).

He said the park had turned out to be the most sought after venue for social functions, church gatherings and national events hosted by various government departments.

“Let me appreciate members of the public and the business community as they heeded my call to assist the park with financial assistance to complete remaining components of the layout,” he said.

Mr Modimana appealed to organisations and individuals to fund the remaining components of the park.

Thakomebosele Tswana Chicken project, he said was doing well and applauded the beneficiaries for diversifying by incorporating broiler chickens and cultivating vegetables.

 “The project diversification is a commendable effort and I appeal to residents of Selebi Phikwe to support this project by buying fresh chickens and vegetables. Let me also applaud the efforts of the business community and the general public as they continue to assist the project with financial donations for its sustenance,” said Mr Modimana.

Mr Modimana said Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) continued to make remarkable progress in providing financial and technical support for business development with a view to promote viable and sustainable citizen owned enterprises.

He said Selebi Phikwe Branch invested P353m in more that 2 956 projects with a total employment of 5 809 in the Greater SPEDU region which covered five constituencies of Selebi Phikwe East, Selebi Phikwe West, Bobonong, Mmadinare and Lerala/Maunatlala.

He said SPEDU facilitated a foreign owned company Sherashiya and a citizen owned company Agile in purchasing Pula Steel and BCL hospital respectively.

The first company, he said was working on licensing of the steel plant factory after which production would follow.

Mr Modimana said the investment totaled P40 million with potential to create 120 jobs when fully operational. He said the project currently had 50 employees.

Mr Modimana said BCL hospital was now under new ownership of a citizen owned company, Agile, and the hospital was operational at an investment value of P30m.

The project currently has 27 employees with potential to increase to 65 when fully operational, Mr Modimana said

“Together we have achieved much and I commit my continued diligence in addressing our challenges. Let us stand united, encouraged by a shared vision, as we work towards a future that reflects the strength of our collective efforts. May our shared vision for a better Selebi Phikwe continue to guide us,” said Mr Modimana. Ends



Source : BOPA

Author : Kgotsofalang Botsang


Event : Full council meeting

Date : 02 Dec 2023