Dojo Ken Karate Academy holds camp

30 Nov 2023

In an effort to assist in molding young ones into better citizens, the Dojo Ken Karate Academy is holding a four-day karate boot camp for children aged 14-18 years, which started Thursday and ends on Monday. 

The overall objective of the Lobatse Summer Gashuku boot camp, according to Dojo Ken academy instructor and owner Sensei Keone Kgorotlhe, is to effect behavioural change among children under the age of 20 and equip them with basic life skills. 

Sensei Kgorotlhe further stated that through the boot camp, his academy aims to support and strengthen the district’s community services on children and youths. 

He further said they want to empower children and the youth with self-management skills, teach them time accountability, emphasise the importance of focusing on education, and teach children how they could become visionary thinkers. 

 Also, he said the boot camp aims at promoting team work and peer positive guidance among children. 

Sensei Kgorotlhe added that they want to contribute to the reduction of street kids in Lobatse and inspire them to go back to school, and assist with finding psycho-social support and therapy for street kids. 

“The programme will enroll 60 seasoned young karatekas and 20 identified street kids from the ages of seven to 21. The participants will be undertaking the same activities and learning the same things,” said Sensei Kgorotlhe. 

He pointed out that the 60 seasoned karatekas were expected to be peer supporters to each others, especially the 20 street kids. The participants will be divided into four groups. 

The S&CD (Social and Community Development) office and other NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) have been engaged to identify street kids and also make a plan to help them move on after the Gashuku programme, including but not limited to going back to school. 

“The club will absorb some on a permanent basis to continue training karate,” added the Sensei. 

He further said other activities at the boot camp would include karate training, baking and cooking lessons, computer training, excursions to monumental places around the town, playing games, and life lessons. ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Jeremiah Sejabosigo

Location : LOBATSE

Event : Interview

Date : 30 Nov 2023