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Tebogo appreciates delta tour

14 Nov 2023

Flying directly into Botswana’s spectacular Okavango Delta for the first time to appreciate breathtaking experiences was worth it for the country’s sensational sprinter, Letsile Tebogo, after a busy season on the track.

The delta is a wildlife paradise and haven for many different species of animals and it is unique in that it offers both land-based and water-based wildlife viewing opportunities.

In an effort to appreciate the young athlete’s scintillating performance, one of the world leading safari companies, Wilderness Safaris recently treated him together with his coach Kebonyemodisa ‘Dose’ Mosimanyane, to a four-day safari adventure in the delta to explore its beauty and have a feeling of the safari experience.

“I needed a change of environment from athletics and visiting a strange and wonderful place for the first time was indeed a unique experience. This trip was worth it after a busy season because I needed to reset and plan ahead,” said Tebogo in an interview.

He thanked Wilderness Safaris for the great gesture, saying he needed a different environment to rejuvenate his soul and mind and appreciated that the delta is one of the best places to go on safari, adding that his stay was one of the most fun-filled adventures.

Athletics, he admitted, could be stressful sometimes, saying that competitions often cause some stress and has a direct impact on how an athlete performs on the field.

However, he described the delta as a perfect location for those seeking a peaceful escape from a busy schedule, indicating that the natural beauty of the wilderness indeed offered him a peaceful and tranquil environment.

Tebogo said the trip was a true adventure of a lifetime as he experienced the incredible landscape of the breathtaking delta and animals in their natural habitat.

He once again thanked all the Wilderness Safaris teams who acquainted him with the secrets of the flora and fauna, the delta as well as allowing him to discuss essential topics of nature and species, saying he felt like having an incomparable feeling of freedom.

“This trip has indeed created lasting memories and I wish other athletes and the public at large could develop the interest of travelling to appreciate and tell beautiful stories about what our country offers in terms of tourism,” he added.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview, project manager at Wilderness Safaris, Attorney Vasco said as the company, they saw it fit to treat the duo to a safari experience to honour and appreciate their remarkable achievements in sports, particularly athletics.

He said the duo had a fruitful season as they demonstrated hard work, commitment and consistency on what they were doing, saying they deserved to be recognized and celebrated.

“As a company, we found it fit to host the duo to some of our camps so that they marvel at the beauty of the wildlife and the prestigious delta at a close range, as a way of saying, well done for making the nation proud,” he added. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Esther Mmolai

Location : MAUN

Event : Interview

Date : 14 Nov 2023