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MoA schedules restriction on key grain exportation importation

16 May 2023

There will be no imports or exports of maize and sorghum grain without permission from the ministry.

A press statement from the Ministry of Entrepreneurship states that as per the presidential directive CAB 9EXCO/2023 dated April 25, 2023, exportation and importation of key scheduled grains should stop with immediate effect.

“All harvested maize and sorghum by farmers subsidised or supported by government should be strictly sold to the Botswana Agricultural Marketing Board for storage, release, redistribution or further processing in the value chain business,” states the release.

It further states that trading activities of commercial farmers supported by government and engaged in production of scheduled grains for food security purposes as well as those operating in areas classified as Special Economic Zones will be regulated.

For further enquiries public members are advised to contact the Department of Value Chain and Cluster Development on 363-1320 or or 363-1342. ENDs

Source : BOPA

Author : Bopa

Location : GABORONE

Event : Press Statement

Date : 16 May 2023