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Chairperson clarifies land occupation issue

23 Mar 2023

Tawana Land Board has not signed any lease agreement with the Chinese construction company that has illegally occupied land in Maun, says land board chairperson, Mr Emmamuel Dube.

Mr Dube’s remarks follow a request by some councillors that the land board evict the occupants and demolish their structures as they were not legally allocated the land.

They said the construction company had occupied the land since 2013 and that relevant authorities failed to act despite being alerted on the issue.

However, Mr Dube explained that procedurally they could not evict the Chinese company as they did not have any contractual agreement with them. He noted that the land was allocated a company that was engaged to undertake the expansion of Maun Airport in 2009. He said the company decided to hand over the plot to the Chinese company after completing their project without engaging them. He pleaded with councillors to give them time to seek answers from the company that was allocated the land.

He added that the Maun Sub-land Board had convened a meeting next month and that the outcome would determine measures to be taken.

Mr Dube explained that the land was allocated Co-Plant Botswana for three years on condition that they would pay P1 000 monthly and rehabilitate the land after completion of the project.

He noted that the company requested a one year extension from the land board and that it was granted. He said the Chinese company informed them that they were given permission to utilise the plot by the company. 

He said   he was reliably informed that they did not pay the agreed amount since they occupied the plot.

Mr Dube also assured councillors that a report on the outcome of the issue would be presented in the next session. Councillor Kaukapita Kaukapita had complained that the land board had delayed to act and that the Chinese company had been making business out of the plot for 10 years.

He said the land board was lenient on the company and that the plot could have been used to allocate residents plots. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Esther Mmolai

Location : MAUN

Event : Meetng

Date : 23 Mar 2023