Providing equal opportunities for all pupils paramount

16 Mar 2023

Investing in education is critical for economic growth and prosperity to take hold, says Mmathethe/Molapowabojang MP, Dr Edwin Dikoloti. 

Speaking during a presentation of school learning aids and football, volleyball and netball balls to Digawana Primary School by the World Group of Companies this week, he said there was a strong correlation between education and the economy. 

“Increased investment in education leads to increased economic growth and higher gross domestic product,” said Dr Dikoloti. 

Urging other businesses to emulate World Group of Companies, he said the country envisioned an education system that was at par with international standards. 

The MP said education must be a vehicle for continuous positive change that would enable people to build a better world. 

Schools, Dr Dikoloti said, must improve academic performance and develop children’s capabilities in order to transform their lives. 

Saying the sport balls were meant to hone the skills of pupils at a tender age, he called for the development and exploitation of every child’s physical, cognitive, emotional and social abilities. 

In addition, he said all children should have the opportunity to go to school and their academic development should not be impeded by anything explaining that equal opportunity meant ensuring that all children had access in all aspects of the learning process. 

The MP encouraged pupils to be critical thinkers, problem solvers and innovators. 

Dr Dikoloti, who is Minister of Health, vowed to continue asking for donations in an endeavour to level the playing field for pupils in his constituency in order to help them achieve academic excellence. 

For his part, the school head, Mr Gaofenngwe Lesole said enrolment stood at 546 comprising 290 boys and 256 girls. 

He said teachers and stakeholders were doing everything in their power to improve academic performance noting that in the 2021 Primary School Leaving Examinations the school registered a 52 per cent pass rate and scored 68.7 per cent last year. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : keith keti

Location : Digawana

Event : Donation

Date : 16 Mar 2023