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Bokopano promotes mental health

16 Mar 2023

In an effort to fight today’s unprecedented life challenges, a group of young Batswana code named Bokopano Health Expedition will, come August, stage a big health event in Kasane, through which they hope to equip people with skills to combat mental, social and physical issues. 

The event dubbed: Health and Wellness Holiday Retreat will run from August 4 through 6. Unpacking the health expedition during a press briefing in Gaborone on Wednesday, Head Coordinator and Technical Advisor, Mr Daniel Moeng emphasised the need to tackle issues of mental health headon. 

“Mental health disorder affects many people and for that reason, it has a significant effect on human productivity, constituting a tremendous burden on the global economy,” he said. 

Mr Moeng said COVID-19 brought challenges to all aspects of life, and most people had faced and continued to face some form of burnout, hence rising social ills. 

Trauma, stress, and mental drain were some post-covid manifestations leading to sicknesses or reduction in individuals' ability to perform well, he said. 

He said with different programmes for the health expedition, they endeavoured to achieve empowerment and social inclusion, adding the programmes were designed to improve mental health, rehabilitation and health recovery. 

Expected to speak at the event was a team of experts including psychologists and dieticians, he said. 

Health education and fitness drills including yoga, Zumba master classes, martial arts and team-building would be some of the activities. 

Mr Moeng said Bokopano Health Expedition would be an annual event aimed at promoting local tourism, charity and good health. He said Kasane was chosen as this year’s preferred destination owing to its serenity, which encouraged connection with self. However, he said, future health expeditions would be held in different areas of the country. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Lesedi Thatayamodimo

Location : GABORONE

Event : Interview

Date : 16 Mar 2023