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GCC launches internal roads paving project

15 Mar 2023

The Gaborone South constituency, in conjunction with the Gaborone City Council (GCC), on Tuesday launched the P5 million Babusi ward internal roads paving project, under constituency community projects (CCP) funds. 

The labour and machinery, such as graders and water bowsers for the projects have all been sourced from Babusi ward. Bontleng and White City were awarded P2 million each. 

The projects were agreed to during consultative kgotla meetings between residents and the area member of Parliament, Mr Dumizweni Mthimkhulu. Officiating at the launch of the 160 metre stretch of the project, Mr Mthimkhulu expressed gratitude that the council was on board. 

"Such projects have been done all the time through CCP, but this time it is different in that for the first time ward residents are the ones that will be engaged. This is what I have long encouraged," he said. 

Mr Mthimkhulu said the dispensation ensured that locals also enjoyed the benefits of the country's economy. 

He advised those engaged to be diligent and build good reputations for their companies to benefit from any future projects. "I can also give assurance that this is not the last time we engage locals for such projects. 

It is a resolution that was taken at cabinet level. It was similarly agreed that from April this year, paving of roads should be prioritised, hence the launch of these projects," he said. 

"This is unlike other projects such as installation of streetlights, which might have forced us to source an outside contractor," he said. Mr Mthimkhulu indicated that roads in other areas, such as Extension 4 and Village, were mostly tarred, hence the ward got less funds. 

He also applauded the city council for its promise to assist Gaborone dam brick moulders. 

Chief civil and mechanical engineer for GCC, Mr Gaborone Phiri said the council would provide advisory services, in terms of engineering and quality assurance to ensure longevity of the project. 

Mr Phiri said the project was expected to improve accessibility, especially during rainy seasons, adding that similar projects would be undertaken in other wards including Bontleng. 

For his part, area councillor, Mr Phuthego Modise said they had longed for the development, and expressed hope the project would go as planned. 

"We have a challenge of flooding in the area and we are hopeful that the project will address that. I also urge those employed to commit to work and desist from absconding from work, especially at month end," he said. 

Councillor for the neighbouring Bontleng ward, Mr Baatile Lekgaotswe appreciated Mr Mthimkhulu for insisting that ward residents be prioritised in award of tenders. ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Olekantse Sennamose

Location : GABORONE

Event : Launch

Date : 15 Mar 2023