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Poetavango delights Maun poetry music lovers

13 Mar 2023

Maun residents were treated to a love therapy session through the spoken word and sweet melodies by Poetavango artistes at Okavango Craft Brewery on Saturday night.

The poetry and music fete started with Kabo Leburu setting the tone with calm freestyle jazz pieces.

His tune titled glass train left audience in stitches as he announced the title and he didn’t disappoint as he charmed his way to the ladies hearts declaring, “ke tla go rekela terena ya galase kgarebe.

Goodie the Bad recited a poem titled a changed man, who had redeemed himself, acted right and treated his woman courteously.

Zelda sealed her performance with Dj Kutchi ft Han-C hit Rejection as the crowd joined in and shouted “O kare nka mo re kga! Kga! Kga! Tladi mothwana.”

Spoken word wizards blew up the stage with Silas Strange reciting father time, Andy B with Tears of a widow, handing over the baton to Skrippah Tee who delivered poetry with a touch of Acapela as he promised his woman that he will marry her, “ke boleletse bo malome, bo rakgadi gore ke batla go go nyala.”

More poetry was dished  by Caribbean Weed, Mista Poke, Priskath and Dread X whereas Karabo Rakodu did a cover song of India Arie’s Brown Skin.

Vygos was the variation of the night with his saxophone as he charged up the audience with Ed Sheeran’s Perfect.

Katini, Lashes of steel and Anthxny captured the love theme impeccably mesmerising the audience as they flaunted their poetic prowess with passionate pieces dedicated to love.

Gaekgone Lesego aka Ms Gee wrapped with a bang as she chanted I won’t give up cradling her guitar as the curtain fell.

In an interview Poetavango Chairperson Legodile Seganabeng said the turn up exceeded their expectation considering that it was a mid-month show.

He said the poetry and music session was initially slated for Valentines Day but was cancelled due to unfavorable weather hence they saw it vital to hold it sooner to compensate their followers who had purchased tickets.

He highlighted that it was evident that Batswana yearned for arts festival, as such encompassed all, which he said challenged Poetavango as ambassadors of arts in Ngamiland to deliver festivals regularly.

“This has showed us that we need to hold regular events whether weekly or fortnightly because people have missed live performance due to COVID-19 outbreak.”

Seganabeng said it was imperative to keep people warmed up ahead of the Maun International arts Festival which comes towards end of year. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Portia Ikgopoleng

Location : MAUN

Event : Poetry and music fete

Date : 13 Mar 2023