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Gare urges Machana residents to up game

11 Jan 2023

Moshupa/Manyana MP, Mr Karabo Gare, has implored residents of Machana to utilise government programmes to contribute towards the country’s economic growth.

Addressing a kgotla meeting at the village on Monday, Mr Gare underscored the need for Batswana to change their mindsets and identify  business ventures, which would reduce the import bill.

He said agriculture was one of the sectors that could be exploited to enhance economic activity while at the same time creating employment.

“As a farming community, I urge you to consider commercialising your production in an endeavour to produce food that could reduce the country’s import bill. We should change the way we do things and work towards forming clusters, which will grow into cooperatives to ensure financial inclusion. Investing in agriculture will also create jobs for young people hence reducing crime rate in our area,” he said.

Additionally, Mr Gare, who is also the Minister of Entrepreneurship, said through the Transitional National Development Plan, government intended to give Batswana an opportunity to contribute towards economic growth.

He noted that the gloomy economic outlook called for people to utilise available programmes and resources to explore the value chains that would resuscitate the economy.

He also assured Machana residents that the upgrading of Moshupa Sub-district into a fully-fledged district would improve access to services and reduce their travelling costs.

For his part, Kgosi Mogotsi Marotwane of Machana said escalating crime rate was a concern. He said lawlessness had become the order of the day, resulting in many assaults and knife stabbings.

“We are no longer safe to walk our streets in the evening because of fear. There has been rising incidents of people being stabbed with knives at night,” he noted.

Consequently, he appealed to parents to monitor their children to avoid idling and ultimately getting involved in criminal activities. He said such behaviour contributed to poor school performance.

Machana village development committee chairperson, Mr Opaletswe Phenyo said due to growing population, they needed a bigger clinic to cater for their health needs.

“The mobile clinic needs an upgrade because due to the poor state of the road and shortage of transport, we are unable to access emergency medical services at other health facilities,” he said.

The area councillor, Mr Banewang Marumoatsile urged residents to work hard to feed the nation and ensure food security in the country. He encouraged them to take advantage of available programmes to improve food production.

“As the government continues to restrict importation of some food items, you should position yourselves for opportunities that arise in the process. The importation ban is intended to support local empowerment and grow the economy of our country through locals,” he said. Ends



Source : BOPA

Author : Kehumile Moekejo

Location : KANYE

Event : Kgotla meeting

Date : 11 Jan 2023