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Tsamayas Mosadi Letlotlo Society sets milestone

08 Aug 2022

Some ladies in Tsamaya have been commended for the formation of Mosadi Letlotlo Society, which promotes the use of vocational skills to better the members’ lives.

Through the society, the women are said to have set a milestone as espoused by President Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi’s  Reset Agenda geared toward rectifying things that were not going as expected.

During the Society’s launch themed Redefining the Narrative of Women Entrepreneurship in Tsamaya on Saturday, Tati East MP, Dr Douglas Letsholathebe said the women of Tsamaya responded positively to the President’s call for mindset change and adopted doing things in a different way.

“You women, changed the way you have been perceiving life, instead of just staying at home awaiting handouts, you formed Mosadi Letlotlo Society, where you are involved in vocational work to uplift your lives,” he said.

Dr Letsholathebe encouraged the women to change their mindset for positive results and delivery, adding that the cabinet adopted priorities that were set by the President after realising that the country had taken a wrong route.

He advised them to ensure that there was value chain addition on their products by making sure that every raw material was used to produce assortment of products.

Dr Letsholathebe encouraged Mosadi Letlotlo Society to embrace digitalisation that could come handy in their affairs such as advertising and selling their products through Facebook, TikTok and WhatsApp, among other digital platforms.

Founder of Mosadi Letlotlo Society, Ms Nanzy Chaitezvi said the society was all about changing the narrative of the minority, the disadvantaged and the marginalised members of the society.

“It is about mindset shift and cultural change,” she said.

She said Mosadi Letlotlo was about empowering people in their daily lives, homes, their neighborhoods and in their workplaces.

Ms Chaitezvi said the objectives of the society was about making both young and the old realise that they did not always have to turn to officials, local authorities or central government for the problems they faced, but to discover and utilise their God-given talents.

She said it took beyond talent, as willingness to learn, a teachable spirit and acknowledging the need for mentorship were crucial personas in the making of Mosadi Letlotlo journey.

“Being hands-on and using your skills to make a living is as important as our normally high praised white color jobs. 

When we normalise prioritising the latter over the former, we are likely to run the risk of having talented yet hopeless and unemployed individuals,” she said.

She said while formed in 2019, the society was registered this year with 12 trained members. 

It started as a therapy to keep women busy.

Kgosi Grace Butale of Butale commended the President for his support and women inclusion in every activities happening in the country.

Councillor for Tsamaya/Mabudzani, Mr Isaac Pelaelo acknowledged perseverance of Mosadi Letlotlo Society, saying it was not easy for them to start take off.

He said despite the challenges,  soldiered on and encouraged men and youth to join in and source out sponsors to reach greater heights.  Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Goweditswe Kome

Location : TSAMAYA

Event : Launch

Date : 08 Aug 2022