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Contractors should honour agreements

22 May 2022

It costs government money to identify new contractors after terminating agreements of those initially appointed, but fail to complete projects. Southern District Council (SDC) chairperson, Mr Thamiso Chabalala thus said locals should take tasks seriously and strive to stick to contract terms because awarding tenders to such companies was meant to empower them. He said during a kgotla meeting in Mmathethe on Thursday that most contractors used money for things other than what it was intended for, hence ended up failing to see projects through.


He gave an example of an agricultural service centre in Mmathethe, which he said should have long been completed, but the contractor failed even though  funds were availed.

“The contract is now terminated and a new contractor had to be identified at a cost. 


Government also encountered costs by hiring two night watchmen and installing flood light to deter criminals,” he said.

On other issues, Mr Chabalala informed residents that Mmathethe was connected to Ramonnedi boreholes to address water shortage, which was a challenge in the village.


He further indicated that the distribution of water in some parts of the village was hindered by blocked old water pipelines, which were currently being replaced.

Mr Chabalala said it cost government a lot of money to fix facilities that had not been maintained in a long time such as Mmathethe Primary School, which was now undergoing major maintenance work.

He said COVID-19 disrupted development of some projects, but those that were deferred would be carried out once finances improve.


The SDC chairperson highlighted that the district was made up of four sub-districts that shared funds based on priority.

“Let us be grateful for the little that has been done in our area as others are also faced with different challenges,” he said.


He urged government officials to always visit communities and address issues relevant to their departments.

Village Development Committee deputy chairperson, Mr Keolebele Lebogang complained about the bad state of roads, especially during rainy seasons and appealed to the council for assistance on such.

Mr Lebogang said it was time the village clinic was upgraded so that it took the burden off Good Hope hospital.


“If our clinic is upgraded, Good Hope hospital would be relieved as many patients who go there for medical help would be assisted in Mmathethe,” stated Mr Lebogang.

A resident, Mr Olebale Kgaboyarona said he wished the land board staff would address residents on charges that had recently been introduced. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Thato Modiakgotla

Location : Mmathethe

Event : Kgotla meeting

Date : 22 May 2022