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Engineer calls for patience as roads works continue

18 Aug 2021

The nation has been urged to exercise patience as road works continue at Btv, Rainbow and Game City roundabouts.

Speaking to BOPA on Tuesday, Ministry of Transport and Communications Principal Road Engineer, Mr Tinabo Seloko indicated that work at the three intersections would be completed in July 2022.

He explained that the delay was due to lockdown and relocation of public utilities such as water pipes and optic fibre cables.

Pertaining to the confusion at Rainbow roundabout, he said the idea was to improve traffic flow, noting that it might have increased the travelling area as the roundabout was now bigger. He said safety had been improved as an extra lane had been introduced.

Mr Seloko said the old inner lanes at the roundabout had been closed and traffic directed to new slip roads, adding that road signs and markings had been installed to guide traffic flow. “I urge all to pay attention to road markings and signs,” he said.

This, he said was not the final product, noting that it was work in progress towards completion of the intersection.

He explained that the new slip roads would be used as a large stretched traffic roundabout to ensure that public traffic was removed from the overpass construction activities for safety.  

Mr Seloko advised drivers to approach the area with caution and follow the driving pattern that was used on the small roundabout, adding ‘nothing has changed there, it is only driving area that has increased and introduction of new lanes’.

Meanwhile, a media release from the ministry stated that police officers and other relevant stakeholders will be on site during the first few days of the transition to monitor traffic flow and allow motorists to adjust.


Mr Seloko appealed to stakeholders to be patient as every project faces different unforeseen challenges, adding that they intended to finish the project within a reasonable time. BOPA

Source : BOPA

Author : Thato Modiakgotla

Location : GABORONE

Event : Interview

Date : 18 Aug 2021